What we do

In this complex world of data, security and payments, we are a trusted voice. We focus on providing simple solutions to often complex challenges by using our integrity to provide a personal and supportive approach that creates better experiences, better processes and better results.

The knowledge we have built up in our ten years of existence means that we understand the many and varied subtleties in payment processing operations, especially for mobile top-up and international calling cards. We create readily implementable products with world-class partners such as ChasePaymentTech, ePay, Wavecrest and Transatel, and also bespoke solutions to deliver the complete suite of payment processing requirements, all white-labelled to support the brands of our customer organisations. Read more

This same knowledge and experience means that we have the confidence to provide a guarantee – we manage all the fraud risk ourselves and indemnify our customer organisations in all reasonable circumstances. That is, we guarantee payment for all those transactions that we process successfully. What is more, we only charge for successfully processed transactions, so our business model completely aligns with our customers’ interests and offers a complete managed long-term solution. This means that end-consumers have an easy-to-use, friction-less interaction every time they engage in a payment transaction through us, thus enhancing the brand and service offering of our customer organisations. Read more

Maintaining such a premium service 24/7/365 requires the highest quality systems, processes and staff. We have invested, and continue to invest, extensively in enhanced alerting, processes, disaster recovery environments, business continuity and operational support. Our Service Desk is co-located with our Technical Operations team, which leads to improved sharing of expertise.

Part of our service is that we offer multiple channels – multiple ways for consumers to top up their phone, their calling card or other payment transaction. Examples of what we do for some of our customer organisations include: online channel, mobile web channel, telephone IVR channel, payment via PayPal top-ups, automatic low balance top-ups, promotional code/coupon management, loyalty card support, card and direct debit payment methods. Read more

Our quality of service results speak for themselves.

  • We regularly achieve payment success rates of 90% (that is we allow 9 out of 10 people who try and make a payment to do so) – the industry average is around 80%.
  • More consumers (36%) return to our site than they typically do to other ecommerce sites (24%)
  • Our consumers interact more with our site than with other similar sites, so our bounce rate (those site visitors who leave after just one page) is down near 8%, compared with an industry average of 30%